If you're ready to start losing weight by eating healthily and moving more, then a Malory Band could be just the thing you need to get on track and stay motivated.

Inspired by a centuries-old technique, a Malory Band is a narrow, adjustable cord that is worn around the waist. It feels tighter as you eat, keeping you conscious of the quantity of food that you consume. It acts as a psychological alarm bell to your conscious mind, warning you not to over-eat.

Just like all other dietary aids, the Malory Band will not make you slim. However, as long as you are committed to healthy eating and regular exercise, the band can prove a very effective tool to support you in reaching your weight loss goals.

By understanding the connection between our emotions, feelings, thoughts and food, the secrets of successful weight loss can begin to unravel.

How the Malory Band works


If you're keen to have a band but want to save on packaging and cost, why not try the Malory Band Eco? It's the same product, minus the lovely gift box and you save £7! (approx. $10) 


Your Malory Band is worn around your middle and will feel tighter as you eat. It acts as a psychological trigger that is designed to alert you to how much you are eating, motivate you to eat less and encourage great posture.


You simply put the band around your middle while you are standing up or lying down. The band should be snug but not tight. You push the button through the right button hole for you, and that's it! Check what size you need here.

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