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Malory Band


Tina Oliver, Harrogate, UK
DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

You’ll see how being constantly reminded about the quantity of food you are eating will help to reduce your portion size. You will learn how you are in control of your weight loss and every pound you lose. You probably think you have seen and heard it all before when it comes to weight loss, but I guarantee you you have never seen a product like this, and you will be amazed but it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Listen, before we go any further let me assure you this has nothing to do with diet pills, shakes, meal substitutes, restrictive diets or weird exercise machines. This is something completely different and you are going to love it.


Really quickly, here is something about dieting you may not already know:

Dieting is more likely to make us feel hungry and deprived and as a result, we become more focused on getting food and eating it.

Hunger is a sensation that represents the physiological need to eat food. In contrast, satiety is the absence of hunger; it is the sensation of feeling full. Appetite is another sensation experienced with eating; it is the desire to eat food.
But there is another way to help control how much we eat, without going hungry.

Satiety is the feeling of fullness after eating that suppresses the urge to eat for a period of time after a meal. Such feelings of fullness can play an important role in controlling how much we eat. If we feel really full or ‘satiated’ after a meal then we are likely to go much longer before we feel hungry and may eat less at the next meal. But, if we do not feel very full then we are likely to get hungry again more quickly and may be tempted to snack or eat more at the next meal. So, if we can understand how to enhance these feelings of fullness or ‘satiety’, this may help to control how much we eat.

Satiety is controlled by a number of factors that begin when a food or drink is consumed and continue as the food enters the gut and is digested and absorbed. Signals feed into specific areas of the brain in response to the expansion of the stomach, our sensory responses and the brain’s perceptions of the food and drink consumed. Hormonal signals are released in response to the digestion and absorption of nutrients. There are also hormones that tell the brain how much fat we have stored in the body, which affect satiety over the longer term. These signals are integrated in areas of the brain involved in the regulation of energy intake, which lead to the feeling of satiety.

Although we can feel the stomach filling up as we eat, it can take 15-20 minutes after food is first eaten, for the full range of satiety signals to reach the brain. By this time and for some time afterwards we will experience feelings of fullness.

Despite these sophisticated mechanisms that exist to control energy intake, we often still eat when we feel full or refrain from eating when hungry.

Tips on how to feel fuller

So how can we best try to enhance these feelings of fullness to help us control how much we eat? Here are some top tips for helping you feel fuller:

  • Foods high in protein seem to make us feel fuller than foods high in fat or carbohydrate, so including some protein at every meal should help keep you satisfied. Foods high in protein include meats such as chicken, ham or beef, fish, eggs, beans and pulses.
  • If you are watching your weight, opt for lower fat versions, using leaner cuts of meat, cutting off visible fat and avoiding the skin on poultry as this will help reduce the energy density of the diet, which can help to enhance satiety (see below).
  • Foods that are high in fibre may also enhance feelings of fullness so try to include plenty of high-fibre foods in the diet such as wholegrain bread and cereals, beans and pulses and fruit and vegetables.
  • Alcohol seems to stimulate appetite in the short-term and therefore drinking alcohol is likely to encourage us to eat more. Alcoholic beverages can make you forget about your intentions to eat healthily by making you lose your inhibitions. Alcoholic drinks are also calorific, so you should cut down on alcohol consumption if you are trying to control your weight.
  • The ‘energy density’ of food has a strong influence on feelings of fullness or satiety. Energy density is the amount of energy (or calories) per gram of food. Lower energy density foods provide less energy per gram of food so you can eat more of them without consuming too many calories. Low energy density foods include fruit and vegetables, foods with lots of water added when cooking such as soups and stews, and lower fat foods.

Following these tips also helps to follow a healthy balanced diet, and you can include starchy foods, especially higher fibre varieties without much added fat or oil, plenty of fruit and vegetables and include lower fat, protein-rich foods such as lean meats and reduced fat dairy products.



I would like to introduce someone I am very proud of. My friend, Tina, is one of the most inspiration women I have ever met. She made a physical transformation, shedding a breathtaking 100lbs of undesirable body fat using a Malory Band eating healthily and exercising.

Tina made a physical transformation, shedding a breathtaking 100lbs of undesirable body fat using a Malory Band, eating healthily and exercising

However, as impressive as that was, what stands out the most to her family and friends is that her physical transformation led to a personal transformation that finally enabled her to live as the confident, proud, beautiful woman everyone saw her to be.

DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

99% of people who lose weight will pile it all back on again, and more, in the following 12 months or so. The diet clubs rely on these people to keep their businesses alive!

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, take a leaf out of Tina’s book. She has lost over 100lbs and this time, it’s not going to find its way back on.

Tina visited her doctor in October 2012, weighing in at 18 stone 12lbs (120 kilos) and he broke some devastating news to her – she was borderline diabetic. A trip to her dentist dealt the final blow. The dentist asked Tina if she ate a lot of sugar, as her teeth were starting to rot. She shrugged, and said, “Just look at me, what do you think?”

Tina admits that for years she was a ‘secret eater’, hiding food packaging and lying to herself about how much she was consuming. She kidded herself that as long as no one saw her eat, then she hadn’t actually eaten. Tina had no portion control and was eating junk food constantly. Her knees were starting to hurt under the strain, and she was constantly breathless. The doctor and the dentist shocked Tina into making a major, life changing decision… she vowed to lose the weight, and KEEP it off.

“By February 2013 I was 5 stone lighter, and I’d lost 12 inches from my waist. I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and I feel great. I want to lose one more stone and I am using the Malory Band to help me do that, and it will ensure I never put the weight back on. I am so excited about staying slim and healthy; I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend the use of a Malory Band – it’s exactly what I need to support me through the final weight loss and maintenance of my new figure”.

Science tells us that dieting is not sustainable, and does not work long term. If you embark on a diet you are more likely to gain more weight in the long run.

That’s the bad news!

Here’s the good news!

Reducing portion size and having a constant reminder of when you have had enough to eat can help you to lose weight and keep it off.

Have you ever lost weight but it all piled back on (and more?)

That’s because dieting is not sustainable. It’s time to adopt a new approach to eating, food and weight loss.

Unique problem No 1 you face when trying to lose weight is that all you can think about is food, and what you are missing out on

Unique problem No 2 when your cravings and hunger take over, you experience a massive rebound weight gain

Yet what if I told you that there is a natural, safe and non-invasive new way to lose weight, and keep it off?

Imagine how much faster and easier you could lose weight if you ate whatever you liked (in smaller portions) but you know when you had had enough? Can you picture how much slimmer, and flatter your stomach would become and how much healthier and sexier you would feel? Well you can make this your reality today, just like all of the real, everyday women you have seen. There is now a new solution to providing spectacular results.


And it’s called Malory Band

Malory Band provides the motivation to eat more healthily, and to eat less, It helps ensure that once you’ve lost weight, the inches won’t creep back on. Additionally, it encourages core stability which improves your posture.

The size of your waist as an indicator of your general health is a concept widely accepted by the medical profession. Where a person stores their fat is vital to their risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. In short, a person can be at risk from the above diseases by way of a large waist, even if they don’tappear overweight.

I’d like to introduce you to what really is the future of weight loss and weight maintenance.


Malory Band

Malory Band is the only product of its kind on the market, and is the first and only weight loss aid that is 100% non-invasive, safe and natural, designed to be discreet and bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast, long term and enjoyable weight loss.

Without restricting the foods you crave most, without working yourself in some death trap contraption, and most certainly WITHOUT working against your body so your weight loss process becomes simple, and even ENJOYABLE.

This new weight loss approach can work for you even if you have little to no time for extreme exercise regimes, and even if you think you’ve tried everything.

Now, let me tell you what Malory Band is NOT so you know what you’re about to experience.

  • It is NOT another fad, restrictive, or difficult diet that inevitably results in:
  • Uncontrollable food cravings
  • Frustrating plateaus
  • Diminished energy and fatigue
  • A damaged, slower, fat storing metabolism

Or at best, temporary weight loss with piles of embarrassing rebound weight gain to follow.



Wouldn’t it be exciting to find a simple and safe weight loss solution that really works for you?

With your Malory Band in place, you can enjoy losing weight naturally, along with thousands of other women just like you, and you can certainly expect the exact opposite experience of faddy diets.

  • You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Your Malory Band can act as a constant reminder of when you have had enough to eat
  • You can use your Malory Band to monitor your weight loss<
  • Improved posture can increase your ‘feel good’ factor

Malory Band is easy to fit, discreet to wear and you will only ever need to buy one! You’ll discover thing like:

  • You will receive a constant reminder from your Malory Band that you have eaten enough
  • You can wear your Malory Band 24/7 in the shower, at the gym, and in bed – all day, every day
  • You will get a genuine, honest gauge of your size – there will be no more lying to yourself
  • No one will ever know you are wearing a Malory Band, it’s 100% discreet
  • It’s easy to fit, wear, adjust and it looks great too!



The groundbreaking Malory Band is based on an ancient concept of weight loss so women over the centuries can’t all be wrong!

Now look, before we go any further, it’s important for me to be 100% honest and upfront with you.

If you’re looking for that magic weight loss answer, or if you just want this week’s celebrity fad diet… or some gimmick deep down you already know will never work, Malory Band is not for you.

Malory Band is only for women that are ready to put down the gimmick answers in order to follow a proven, flavorful step by step system for weight loss.

So, if you want the real answer to female weight loss…

…and if you want to get the bikini body you desire without damaging your metabolism, or spending endless hours in the gym and sacrificing your favorite foods or red wine to do it, then Malory Band isn’t just “a system” for you…


Now, you may believe a one of a kind system that delivers all of this will be extremely expensive.

And truth be told, it really should be considering the countless hundreds of women it’s transformed so quickly when nothing else worked.

However, it’s not. I only felt right by making Malory Band affordable for every woman that needs to lose weight so don’t worry. I’ll get to the price in just a moment. First I need to make you aware of something.

Inside the guide you’ll discover things like:

  • What foods are OK and which are not
  • How to set weight loss goals and keep to them
  • Helpful tips to avoid unhelpful snacking
  • How to recognise when you sabotage yourself
  • How to use visualisation to help your weight loss
  • How your emotions will affect your weight loss plans

Now, as crazy as this sounds, I want to make this affordable for every woman that needs to lose weight and I meant it.

Your total investment to own a Malory Band, Weight Loss Guide and Clip-on bead is just a one-time hugely discounted payment of only £30 (approx $45)

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree this offer is an unbelievable value and you’re probably ready to get started!

However, before you do, as another special thank you for checking out this limited time offer I’m going to do you one even better. Today you’re not even going to pay the massively discounted price of £30 (approx $45). Through this special page you’re only going to get immediate access to everything for a one-time, single, secure payment of £28 (approx $42)


Comes in pdf form



£28(approx $44 )

Get The Malory Band kit now


(you can’t even buy a good meal for two at a restaurant these days at that rate!)

Now, if you’re stunned because you realize this tiny investment for everything is now less than a single session with a personal trainer or even a single tub of protein powder these days hold on a second because I’m not done.

I insist on taking things even a step further for you because I know you’ve been set up to fail for so long it might still be difficult to see yourself experiencing the same real results all of these women have with Malory Band.

Remember, everything you’ve been doing up until now has not worked and now you know why. Continuing on such a path will inevitably lead you to even more frustration and greater despair as the weeks pass by and your struggle with your weight gain worsens.

This will continue to negatively affect everything from your relationships with your family, friends and loved ones to your choice of hobbies, vacations and even all the way down to the clothes you wear.

None of this is what I want for you and I know this is not what you desire for yourself. There is another path for you that has been paved with the success of thousands of women that have come before you. A path that empowers you to take control of your weight loss and claim the body and life you desire.


You’re finally on your way to being free of every inch and ounce of useless body fat you’ve been burdened with for so long. At long last, you feel alive, vibrant, healthy and full of energy.

Instead of your favorite foods making you gain weight, your new approach to weight loss sees the inches dropping off. Each morning you’re bursting with anticipation to step on the scale and see the weight disappearing in the bathroom mirror.

You look forward to wearing the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear, and hearing the daily compliments you’re receiving. Your self confidence improves every relationship you have, the decisions you make, and even the opportunities that now come your way.

This is your new path and it’s time to realise it. With Malory Band you can start to enjoy your new life, and your new future right now. Click the red “Buy It Now” button on the right side to get started.



Buy Now

Get The Malory Band kit now

£28(approx $44)


They are all real women that have been where you are right now before finding the true answer to weight loss – and they are on the inside waiting to help you achieve the same.

And let me remind you, I have seen great success and spectacular results in so many women. That could be you, too.

Just don’t delay and come back to find today’s special pricing for this revolutionary system gone and the special super bonus unavailable because we’ve reached the community limit which is filling up fast.

Do the smart thing… the right thing. Make today one that you’ll always remember as a great day… a life changing day!

Take advantage of today’s limited time special offer and choose the friendly, enjoyable and simple path to weight loss right now. Click the RED ‘Begin your Malory Band journey’ button right now and we’ll see you on the other side…


DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

"Thank you Malory Band xx. I managed to reach my target at SW; I've now lost just under 4.5 stone. Thanks to Malory Band for giving me the extra incentive and push I needed to finally reach my goal."

-Karen B,Cornwall


DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

"I just thought I'd let you know that the band is continuing to work for me - the following month I went down another hole on the band and lost 5lb. People have started to notice at work and ask me if I've lost weight - which is always nice. I have been leaving food on my plate for the first time in my life; I was brought up to clean my plate and if I tried to leave any thing uneaten, I was reminded to 'think of the starving children in Africa' by my Mum! So whilst eating out recently I decided to leave some of my meal and having done it once, it's become so much easier to do again.

"I'm still loving the band and the fact it keeps me standing taller and prouder.

."..oh and one other thing. For the first two months (first two button-holes) whilst wearing the band, it would ride up over my ribs from time to time (there was nothing to stop it as my waist and underbust were measuring the same size). But now I'm down to my third hole on the band, my waist is now smaller than my rib cage and so the band can no longer move upwards - I found this quite interesting and encouraging when I noticed it no longer happening"

-Sally S,Nottingham


DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

"Thought I'd share with you my Malory Band pic...my tummy muscles had gone to pot after two kids so I was truly amazed to see results straight away. I've lost 4 stone through SW but need some inspiration in shifting the rest and what better than this? My posture is sooo much better, my stomach muscles are working out (I'm sure I see definition creeping through lol) and my portions have been reduced.

Seriously, I don't think I can love this little band any more xxx"

[One week later] "Weight-in this week at my SW group and have lost 6lbs. Thank you Malory Band for your help in my weightloss journey xxxx I've also lowered my band so can't wait to see more results. Healthy eating and wise choices all held together with a shiney little band are certainly the way to go...xxx"

-Karen B,Cornwall


DISCLAIMER: * Please note that results can vary from person to person

"Thank you so much! Can't wait for my weigh-in on Tuesday. Am seeing a difference already and waking up with sore stomach muscles so I guess I'm pulling my tum in a bit!".......

"One week in, 2 notches, 5lb, 3.5". That's not too shabby is it? :-)"

-Sarah C,Nottingham