How the Malory Band works

Your weight loss journey

Once you have made the psychological decision to lose weight, you can use the Malory Band to offer you a long term, constant and effective ‘gauge’ of your size, but more importantly inspires you every hour of every day, to maintain or lose those inches.

Designed to discreetly live on you and with you, the Malory Band is a non-stretch, machine washable polyester cord, durable to 160lbs of tolerance and designed to withstand 24/7 hour wear; even when you’re in the shower. So don’t worry, it won’t stretch or break.

We all know there is no magic answer to weight loss, and losing weight is achieved through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. However with a positive and committed mental approach, and your Malory Band reminding you when you’ve had too much to eat, you can start your journey to a smaller size, and a healthier life.

The Malory Band offers no instant weight loss remedy; it is simply an aid to help you monitor and motivate your weight and inch loss. You need to have made the decision to lose weight before you wear a Malory Band.

Staying motivated

Your Malory Band is designed to support you, help you, remind you and encourage you to think about how much you eat. If it feels tight it's because you have eaten too much; instead of loosening it, try standing tall, holding your tummy in and easing back on what you are eating, until it feels comfortable again. The band is a constant reminder of your weight loss goals, and ambitions to reduce your size.

Try not to give in and take your Malory Band off... work with it and persevere. Only by sticking with it will you ever lose the weight you want to lose.

Enjoy your weight loss journey... it will all be worth it when you see those inches dropping off.

Maintain your shape

Only 1% of slimmers manage to keep the weight off for more than a year (Datamonitor study) and cynics might claim that the slimming clubs depend on this fact to help keep the £1 billion industry alive. 

Weight maintenance is vital to the success of anyone's weight loss programme and the Malory Band can help. We like to think of it as an 'external conscience' - someone gently tapping you on the shoulder as you contemplate whether the dessert trolley should visit your table or not.

And diets are not part of the answer

Research shows that no matter what your size, diets make you hungry and create powerful cravings for the very foods you are trying to avoid. Neither do diets address the cause and effect of emotional eating, and the mental aspects of weight loss. Wearing a Malory Band means you don't need to calorie count, omit food groups or starve yourself. You can eat regularly, healthily and a enjoy a balanced diet every day, but you will eat less because the Malory Band reminds you to. It's worth remembering that the average 45 year old woman has been on 61 diets... so they clearly don't work!

Stand tall, stand proud

Having correct posture means that you're keeping every part of your body aligned with the neighbouring parts, and your body is balanced and supported. This helps you to feel more confident, energetic, look slimmer and breathe better. Even your concentration improves when you breathe better! When you have great posture, your core muscles are engaged, improving your core stability. Another bonus of having great posture is that as you age, your joints will be under less stress. The moment you put on your Malory band you will feel yourself standing taller to avoid the tension of the cord. When you're driving, you will also feel the posture benefits of the band which will help improve your concentration and make you a safer driver.

Fat nation

61% of the UK adult population is considered obese, according to the NHS. People who are overweight have a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and infertility. The cost to the NHS of obesity related health matters is £5bn per year and predicted to double by 2050.

OECD figures report that the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled in the last 25 years and the British Dietetic Association recently named the UK as ‘the fat man of Europe’.

Diets and diet products are sought throughout the year but especially in the period after Christmas. Diets are enthusiastically started, some weight loss is achieved and then old habits are re-established. Datamonitor’s study suggests that just 1% of slimmers manage to keep the weight off for more than a year.

Fancy a better sex life?

According to The Daily Mail (Feb 2013), British researchers have established a direct link between a woman's waist size and the quality of her partner's sex a glance of your slim waist is all your man might need for a good performance in the bedroom!

The research also revealed that the smaller the woman's waist circumference, the easier the man found it to become aroused, even among the older volunteers in the study. They believe the results show how evolutionary developments have had an influence on male desires. Men are likely to see women with narrow waists as healthy, better able to survive the physical demands of life and therefore a more suitable mating partner. Brain scans show the right and left orbital front cortex - the areas involved in dealing with feelings of reward - are much more active when men look at images of women with narrower waists.

An earlier experiment revealed slim waists are not just visually stimulating. A study of blind men found they were also more aroused by the feel of a trim tummy. Professor Stuart Brody, from the University of the west of Scotland, said, "Accumulation of excess body fat, especially abdominally, is associated with elevated risk of disorders and could result in less desirability as a mating partner. Previous studies have found slimmer women were generally rated as more attractive than those with a larger waist. These findings extend to the realm of men's sexual function."

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